Get started with web development in 6 weeks.

Learn the basics to build your own responsive web projects. Get help, feedback, and inspiration from professional developers.

Learn to code with our remote community

Gain the skills you need to create the most commonly used layouts for responsive websites today.

This course is a great starting point whether you are considering coding as your future career, if you want to build websites as a hobby or are just looking to get a better understanding of web development.

The concept is simple, you will build two bigger web projects based on pre-recorded video lectures, engaging coding practices, drawing kits and real-world project briefs.

If you get stuck; book a 1:1 with our coaches or reach out in our Slack channel for daily mentorship. When you have finished a project; advance with valuable feedback on your code.

After this course, you will be able to

What will I create?

You need real projects to learn real skills. Download the course syllabus for a breakdown of the project briefs we will work on during this course.


Start date to be released soon.

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Level: Beginner (with pre-studies of our free 4-day online course). 

Format: 100% remote. 

Schedule: Flexible. Online intro session, date to be announced.

Scope: 40 hours, workload: ~1 day a week. 

Length: 6 weeks. 

576 EUR

Download the course syllabus for more info.


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What's included?

Weekly course bundle

All material is 100% remote, study when it fits your schedule

2 x real-world project briefs

Spend 3 weeks on each project.

4 x 1:1 sessions with coaches

Book a time slot that fits your schedule.

Daily mentorship

Our coaches are there during daytime to help you with your code.

Secret startkit

Your very own “Become a developer kit” sent to you by post.

2 x code reviews for feedback

Advance as a developer with feedback on each project.

Your class of new friends

Start together; gain support and inspiration from each-other during the course.

Lifetime access to our remote community

Join thousands of other life-long learners for inspiration, help and feedback.

How you will learn

What should I expect from the course?

Join your class from anywhere. Plan your own time.

The course is prerecorded and adapted to a busy pace of life. Feel free to join your class in your own time, anywhere, using your computer. You will get a weekly course bundle with everything you need to finish your projects . Expect to spend around 7 hours per week.

Get coached by professionals developers. Receive feedback on all of your code.

Our coaches offer daily support and will cheer on you in our dedicated Slack channels. If you feel stuck; no question is a dumb question and you can always book a 1:1 to talk directly to a coach. The feedback after each project will make you a better developer.

Engaging remote studies with creativity at its core

For us coding is creative. We take pride in making lectures, practices, and projects fun, creative, and easy to understand. This is not your average passive online course. Expect plenty of interaction with your peers and coaches. You will not be alone on this journey.

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What will I learn?


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